Gyraf Audio

Gyraf Audio

We’ve had our diy-pages since October 2001. Original intent was to lure technically-minded people with an interest in music into an interest for audio electronics.

At the time, there was so much misinformation and smog screens surrounding pro audio electronics, and we hoped to get someone to play out in the open.

Sort of succeeded – the, that focuses on pro audio electronics allsorts now has 17000+ users. Not at all, and far from, our achievement alone

– but we pride ourselves of having been at the right please at the right time, pushing the general idea with a couple of useable and open designs.

You’ll notice that the site is kinda messy – contains merely the necessary. Two reasons: It’s handwritten in windows notepad, and was
until recently (this week) served from a tiny provider 20mb total space. Hoping to get it a bit modernized in near future.

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