Elliptic Technologies to Unveil tVault™PLUS at Mobile World Congress for End-to-End Content Protection on Smart Devices

Mobile World Congress

February 20, 2014 – Ottawa, Canada: Elliptic Technologies, a leading provider of security solutions for the connected world, today announced the unveiling of tVault™PLUS, a complete solution that combines multiple DRM and link protection schemes for mobile and connected devices. Integrated with Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), Elliptic’s tVault PLUS offers service providers, device manufacturers and chipset vendors the ability to integrate multiple schemes, in one secure and efficient  solution, enabling full-featured, end-to-end content protection to be deployed on any device and enabling consumers secure access to premium content including 4K Ultra-High Definition video.

“Consumers want to view and share HD movies and TV shows from a myriad of tablets, smart phones, and car infotainment systems, so safeguarding content with hardware-enforced security is more important than ever and Hollywood studios are insisting on it,” said Vijay Dube, President and CEO of Elliptic Technologies. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with our partner Trustonic, to provide this complete, secure solution integrated with their ‹t-base TEE and enabling our customers a faster time to market with more value added services.”

Jon Geater, CTO of Trustonic commented: “Elliptic’s tVault PLUS leverages our ‹t-base TEE to provide device manufacturers with a hardware-isolated space that service providers can harness to provide secure content delivery from the studio to the consumer. ‹t-base is widely used in consumer products and recognized by major studios as a means to protect and enable premium content services. It further provides a platform upon which to easily deploy new services and premium content without having to pre-integrate with device makers, opening the potential for more people to enjoy more content in more places more easily.”

tVault PLUS provides  a GlobalPlatform compliant security solution for protecting premium content from the distribution channels, into the device, on the device, and out of the device. The tVault PLUS framework is easily portable across Rich OS and Secure OS and has been integrated with a variety of commercial and proprietary operating systems. tVault content protection has been adopted in leading mobile and connected home entertainment devices using TEE-based SoC platforms for providing robust DTCP-IP and HDCP 2 link protection. These field-proven solutions are embedded by top manufacturers in high-volume, mobile and home media applications including smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, smart TVs, STBs and wireless media sharing devices.

Elliptic will be demonstrating tVault PLUS end-to-end content protection with Trustonic ‹t-base TEE on Samsung Galaxy Light™ and Tab™ 3 devices at the 2014 Mobile World Congress February 24-27 in Barcelona. At the event, Elliptic will be exhibiting at its stand 7.K50 with a demonstration also on the Trustonic stand 7.G81.


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