2 Embedded Robotics

2 Embedded Robotics

The main Aim of founding these blogs is to give an opportunity to engineering student who wish to learn something different from their academic. Academic is also too important for a student but academic with good skill is important to get a good exposure. This kind of skill’s should be build from the beginning   in the colleges but unfortunately most colleges do not take these responsibility. So we decide to write these blogs and share whatever we know for those student who really want to learn engineering stuff.

After 2 year’s of research in education system of colleges in INDIA. We found some point why education is become so poor or the standard of engineer’s.
* We lost the bounding between Senior and Junior in our colleges so the student will not get proper guidance.
* Most of the student don’t know what to do and how to do or faculty of colleges fails to guide them.
* To overcome this problem every college can hire one industrial expert but they are more in trusted in making money.
* This the very big reason why so much institute are in these business for providing training and technical education.
* Workshops in colleges helds in colleges and those are only for 2nd year or above.
* So in the last i just want to say one thing please start from the beginning so the story will be good.


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